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​​​​​​​​​​​                    Oriental Weapons

The Budo Foundation offers many forms of Oriental Weapons training, including, the Katana (the most popular) Bo, Jo, Bokken and Nunchakas


Kenjutsu originates from the samurai classes of feudal japan, during which they developed the use of the sword to an art. The sword was used for close range combat and dueling. IMG_0117.JPG
The real core of Kenjutsu is of course the person rather than the weapon and it’s study incorporates strong spiritual and philosophical aspects.

Kenjutsu will develop your ability to  assess space and distance, whilst increasing your sense of balance and building on your co-ordination skills. Throughout your training you will come to develop a `Oneness with the sword', where your sword becomes an expansion of your body.


​     Nunchukas

Nunchukas are an ancient martial arts weapon derived from the rice flails. Nunchukas​ consist of IMG_0229.JPGtwo sticks joined by chain or rope that can be moved at great speed around the body and used as a very effective weapon.

The training involves great discipline, speed and co-ordination of movement and this develops from learning Kata work. Though the Nunchakas can be difficult to master, they are fun to learn.

The bo, being the way of the wood.                      bo bs.jpg           

In feudal Japan it was part of the bugei (early Japanese martial arts) and was used by samurai, priests, and commoners alike. 

Being 6ft long, made it an apt weapon against swordsmen, disarming the opponent while allowing the user to remain at a safe distance. 

Traditionally, the bo evolved from poles balanced across the shoulders to carry water or other loads. As a fighting instrument, it allowed locking and striking against a range of weapons. 
The bo is currently used in kata performance and 
improves balance and upper-body strength.

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