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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Areas of Training

Here is a very brief look at the many areas of Martial arts and self defence offered by the Budo Foundation. You can chose to focus on one particular area or incorporate many in to your training.

                            Budo Karate

                                                               Within Budo Karate you will learn a discipline that teaches budo katate.jpg

you to control the body and develop techniques to combat

all forms of attack.

Based on a linear and circular format, which enhances

the body's natural strength and attacks your

opponents weaknesses.

Budo karate is based on the mental and physical

attributes of the seven animals of mankind'.

You will learn multiple defence formats and by

practice you will reach the  point where it becomes a natural instinct.



              Aikido-Teaikido te.jpg


Aikido-Te is a style of martial arts that stems from its roots

in the art of the Japanese sword. 

It combines locks and strikes for a form of self defence

which uses the attackers weight and weakness to your

advanta​ge. This enables you to learn effective anti-combat

strategies which require minimum strength.

                    Modern Combat


Modern combat is a style that teaches you effective defence against all common forms of assault. This is a particularly valuable form of defence for today's increasingly violent society. Paramount to the training are these 3 key areas.

   * Anti-victim Psychology

   * Awareness of Surroundings

   * Confidence in your abilities to defend 

              Ladies Self Defenceladies self defence.jpg

​​Ladie​s Self Defence covers many areas which build

on both inner and outer confidence.

You will be taught many scenaios to defend yourself against the basic classic assaults. 

This will incorporate aspects of environment security and how to aviod vulnerable situations, promoting self-survival discipline. 

We run regular, low cost, 4 week self defence courses in all venues.
Please contact us to find out times and dates.


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