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​     ​​​​A brief insight in to The Budo Foundation​​​​​​​​​IMG_0118.JPG

Though we train in very small groups, we join together for regular seminars and gradings. On these days the true spirit of the school and Budo can be felt.

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Grading days are a big event for both the student and the  school and we hold approx. three a year.




There is a mutual respect amongst all levels of 
students, but the element of fun plays a key role too.

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Students range in all fitness levels and always find an aspect of the art they shine in.




Our Training incorporates traditional martial arts with realistic `Street Defence​'.

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A larger group learning the basics of self defence on a regularly scheduled course.
                                                                                                            One to one tuition is always a focus during 
                                                                                                                    training​, aiding individual progress.

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